You can choose the free starter version of SEO SpyGlass, but you won't have the full power of this amazing software.

Compare all the features of the Free Edition, the Professional Edition and the Enterprise Edition on the chart below.

SEO SpyGlass Features

Find Any Website's Backlinks

SEO SpyGlass will find, count and display backlinks for any website.
1,100 links per project Unlimited
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Automatically Analyze Every Backlink

SEO SpyGlass software instantly analyzes the backlinks for any website. The information includes: Google PageRank of the linking webpage, number count of all links per PageRank 0 to 10, the Alexa traffic ranking of each backlink domain, the age of the domain and the IP of the domain's hosting server.
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Uncover Which Backlinks Are the Most Valuable

SEO SpyGlass mathematically determines the value of each backlink to a website. Value is determined by criteria such as how many outbound links are on the linking webpage, if the link is from a site's homepage, if the link is from an internal website page, etc.
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Find Your Competition's Keywords

SEO SpyGlass will find all outbound links that contain anchor text. The anchor text often reveals the keywords your competing websites are targeting. Our software will sort the anchor text results and calculate how many times the exact anchor text appears. It will also display and sort the title (or title tag) of each linking webpage.
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Search Engine Compatible

All SEO SpyGlass applications are in compliance with the requirements of search engines. This means that repeated, automated requests of search engine data will never be denied. Our software makes requests that replicate queries by humans and so it complies with search engine filters.
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Works With a Proxy Server

SEO SpyGlass software can work with your present proxy server. Your competitors will never know who is spying on them.
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Automatic Updates

Your SEO SpyGlass will automatically download updates every time you start the software.
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Search Your Results

SEO SpyGlass has a search feature that allows you to search for information within the research results.
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Customize Your Dashboard

You can focus on specific information, while hiding and saving the complete research data. For instance, you might want to display just those backlinks from webpages with a PageRank 5 or higher.
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Multiple Languages

SEO SpyGlass will find backlinks in any language. The results and reports can be generated in English, French, German or Russian.
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Creates SEO Blueprint Report

Based on the results of your backlinks data search, SEO SpyGlass will generate a custom report that gives you a blueprint for your SEO strategy.
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Generate Your Report with Standard Templates

Your report can be created with your choice of several standard templates.
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Customize Your Report Templates

You can create an unlimited number of customized templates for your SEO Blueprint Reports.
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Your Company Logo

You can include your company logo and information in the SEO report, and choose which research information to include.
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Choose the Pinpoint Report or Blueprint Report

You can choose the SEO Blueprint Report which gives you a personalized plan of action, based upon the results of the SEO SpyGlass research. Or, you may choose the Pinpoint Enterprise Report, which is a professional summary of the data.
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Results from 428 Search Engines

See results from 428 international and regional search engines.
Blekko & IceRocket
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Automatically run tasks on your own schedule

Through the Scheduler interface, you can set a specific time and date to run certain tasks. With this feature, your data is always current.
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Custom SEO Blueprint Report

An automatic, custom SEO Report can be generated based on the data from your specific backlinks research. This report gives you a step-by-step blueprint to boost your search engines rankings, based on the analysis of your research results using SEO SpyGlass.
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Track the History and Status of Backlinks

You can save the history and status updates of all your backlinks research. You can easily see new links added, links removed, and links still in place since your last search. This enables you to constantly monitor your own site's links and the links of your competition.
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Copy Your Research to an Excel Spreadsheet

Instantly transfer your research to an Excel Spreadsheet. This feature allows you to export the data from your SEO SpyGlass research to a workable format.
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Transfer Your Research to Your Computer Files

Transfer any SEO SpyGlass research directly to your computer. This convenient option allows you to store the information in your computer files. If you are a SEO professional, for instance, you can store your research with your other client's files.
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Select and Export Your Research

The results of your SEO SpyGlass research can be exported separately from the formal report. You can select which data you want to export from your backlinks research and transfer it to HTML, TXT, XML or SQL format.
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Choose Export Templates

SEO SpyGlass has an Export Templates feature which allows you to choose which research results you want to export and in what format. You can create multiple export templates for every project.
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Auto-Format Adobe PDF Versions of SEO Blueprint Reports

This feature allows you to save custom SEO SpyGlass reports as PDF files - to print or to send as email attachments. The format is compatible with PC or Mac operating systems. You do not need to buy Adobe software to use this feature.
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Send SEO Blueprint Reports Via Email

With this SEO SpyGlass feature, you can email any SEO Blueprint Report to a client or business partner. You can also choose this as an automatic option, sending the email report every time a report is generated.
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Convert Reports to HTML Format

When you create a SEO Blueprint Report, you have the option to save the report in HTML format. SEO Spyglass creates the format automatically, enabling you to quickly post the report to the Internet or to a private intranet.
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Uploading SEO Blueprint Reports to the Internet

You can click the option to have the HTML copy of your report published on the Web through File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
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Customize SEO Blueprint Report Generation Features

You can customize and automate what you would like to do with each SEO Blueprint Report you create. You can choose to always create your reports in an Adobe PDF format, for example. Or you may choose to always have your reports sent by email.

This SEO SpyGlass feature is called a Publishing Profile. You can select the features for individual projects and/or for all projects.
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