SEO SpyGlass tools detect everything you want to know about your competitors' backlinks. The tools investigate complex data and linking patterns in just seconds. All of the tools are simple to use and the data produced is easy to understand.

You can choose the tools you want in your toolkit by looking at the comparison table. This will show you the differences between the Professional and the Enterprise versions of SEO SpyGlass.

Below, we provide screen shots of the software in use and show you how you can benefit from this valuable information.

Find a Website's Backlinks

With this application you can immediately find the backlinks to any website on the internet. These links determine a webpage's Google PageRank. Identifying the links of your competing websites is the first step in planning how to outrank them. When you finish checking the competitions' links, check the links for your own website, too.

Competitor Backlinks Data

Discover the Keyword Anchor Text in Backlinks

Back links that use words or phrases in the clickable link instead of the URL are using "anchor text" links. For example, a backlink to this webpage might be: SEO backlink tools. A site with keywords in the anchor text of inbound links will rank higher for those keywords on search engine results. SEO SpyGlass will identify every backlink using anchor text and will tell you what the anchor text is. This is important keyword information about a website. The software screen shot below is a picture showing how many times the same anchor text is used in the total number of backlinks.

Keyword Anchor Text Data

Instantly See the PageRank of Every Link

SEO SpyGlass displays the Google PageRank of every inbound link for the website you are checking. What a timesaver! Then, you can sort the links by PageRank to tell how many links are from low ranking sites and how many are from high ranking sites. The Google PageRank is on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest and best. (A site without a ranking is not in the Google index and is of no value.) To rise above another website's ranking, your site would need more high value PageRank links than your competitor has.

Google PageRank Data

Identify Traffic Sent from Each Backlink

Next to the PageRank shown for each link, SEO SpyGlass shows you the Alexa Traffic Rank which estimates how much traffic a website receives. A link from a website with a high number of visitors is probably directing some of those visitors to the linked site. This is a real clue to a competitor's success on the Web.

Alexa Traffic Data

Uncover the Server IP Address

For every backlink, you will be able to see the IP address of the hosting server for the URL. This can be a clue for several things. Your competitor may be ranking high for many links; but, if all of those links are from the same server, it may indicate that all of the websites are under the same ownership. (This is a form of search engine spam which can be reported to Google.) It might also mean that all of the links are from the same website. SEO SpyGlass will help you investigate what the competition is doing.

Server IP Address Data

Look at the Page Title of Every Backlink

The Page Title (or title tag) of the webpage sending the link is discovered by SEO SpyGlass. This is valuable information for determining the quality of a link. In the Google algorithm, links from relevant sites carry more weight. You will be able to quickly identify if a link is from a relevant site or a site with no connection at all to the theme of your subject website. Non relevant links are spam links.

Backlinks Page Title Data

Sort Links from Blogs and Forums

SEO SpyGlass allows you to display just the inbound links that are coming from blogs and forums. This can be important information for finding major traffic sources to your competitors' sites. If many links are coming from the same forum, for example, your competition is a frequent contributor to the forum and is probably a respected source of information. Join the same forum as a frequent contributor and you should be able to duplicate the competitor's success from forum and blog links and from referral traffic.

Forum and Blog Backlinks Data

Sort Links from Homepages

You can choose to find links coming only from the homepages of websites. A link from a homepage may be a permanent link in the footer, it may be from an advertisement or it may be from a paid link. Paid links are now in violation of Google Webmaster guidelines if they are not identified as "NoFollow". When a Webmaster posts a NoFollow tag, he is telling all search engines that the link is not an endorsement and should not be calculated in ranking algorithms. Links from homepages should always be investigated.

Homepage Links Data

Locate Links from Major Directories

This feature tells you if the competing website is listed in the DMOZ Directory (Open Directory Project) and/or the Yahoo Directory. If so, your competitor probably is receiving excellent SEO advice. A listing in the DMOZ directory is not a given. This is a human edited listing and only quality sites are allowed. A listing in the Yahoo Directory comes with a substantial price tag and may be an indication that your competitor has a large budget for SEO.

Directory Links Data

Calculate a Backlink's Value

Not all links are created equal. An inbound link from a webpage with over a hundred outbound links is of far less value than a link from a page with a single link. SEO Spyglass displays how many links are on the linking page. In addition, our proprietary software calculates the value of each backlink based upon the link density of the referring webpage.

Backlink Value Data

Uncover the Domain Age of Backlinks

A link from an established domain can be considered a higher quality link than one from a website that didn't exist a month ago. Using SEO SpyGlass is a quick way to find linking partners that have stood the test of time.

Backlink Domain Age Data

Update the Backlink Information

The Google PageRank is updated every day. However, the displayed PageRank available to the public is usually updated about every three months. When you know an update has been posted, you can go back into your saved SEO SpyGlass research and request an update for the PageRank of the backlinks. You can also choose to update the Alexa ranking, domain age, and the like.

Updating Data

Read Your Custom SEO Report

SEO SpyGlass uses all of the information you requested to generate a personal report of the findings. This report gives you a blueprint and a SEO strategy to achieve top rankings against your competitors.

SEO Custom Report

Create a Personalized SEO Report

You can personalize your SEO report by choosing color schemes, adding your company name and logo, editing text and choosing which information to include or exclude. Professional SEO experts love this feature!

SEO Report Formatting

Choose SEO Reports

SEO SpyGlass offers a choice of SEO reports: the SEO Success Blueprint Report or the Pinpoint Enterprise Report. You can choose one or both. Both reports allow your personal input but you might find that one is more appropriate for in house use and the other for more formal presentations.

SEO Report Options

Save, Email or Upload Reports to the Web

This amazing feature is available in the Enterprise version of SEO SpyGlass. You can instantly email your reports or put them online on the Internet or on a private intranet. The published report is a highly professional presentation and is available as an Adobe PDF file.

SEO Report Formats

Check Data from 436 Search Engines

You can find data from a multitude of search engines. Of course the big, well known search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are included. But you can also check data on regional search engines and foreign search engines. The more thorough your investigation is, the more information you will have to compete for the ranking position you want.

436 Search Engines

Trust the Retrieval of Data

You can trust the SEO SpyGlass retrieval of information to appear as if a human requested the information and not automated software. We have built in a query system that emulates human activity. For this reason, you are assured the software you are using is search-engine-friendly and database-friendly.

Retrieval of Data

Customize the Workspace Dashboard

You can customize your use of the SEO software by selecting a portion of the information to display while storing the rest. This maximizes your ability to focus on key areas of research, one at a time. For instance, you might want to temporarily look at just the backlinks coming from pages with a PageRank of 4 or higher. Then you might want to just display links from blogs or forums, etc.

Workspace Dashboard

Search the Data

SEO SpyGlass results are searchable on the displayed page. You can instantly locate the specific information you want to know.

Software Search Feature

Keep your Proxy Server

Most SEO experts know the importance of spying on the competition through a proxy server. SEO SpyGlass software supports your use of proxies. Under "Global Preferences", select "Proxy Settings" and enter your selection on this page.

Proxy Instructions

Run the Software on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

SEO SpyGlass can run on all of the popular platforms. This means it will work on your home or office PC as well as your laptop. You will be able to use our powerful software SEO tool on all of your computers.

SEO Software for Windows SEO Software for Mac SEO Software for Linux

Speak Many Languages

SEO SpyGlass is a multi language platform. You will be able to search data in many languages, even if you don't speak them!

Foreign Languages Chart

Download Free Starter Version

You can take SEO SpyGlass for a test drive by downloading our free starter version. The starter download has just a sampling of the SEO SpyGlass software. If you get the complete SEO SpyGlass software, you will have everything you need right now!

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