SEO SpyGlass Search Algo Updates

Search Engine Updates

The SEO SpyGlass Search Algo Updates subscription comes free with your SEO SpyGlass purchase for six months.

The Search Algo Updates is a constantly updated companion to SpyGlass software products, which monitors daily algorithm changes in over 400 search engines.

SEO SpyGlass developers adjust your SpyGlass software with Search Algo Updates to reflect search engine changes, giving you the optimal results for your website research and optimization tasks.

Search Algo Updates in Action

SEO SpyGlass Search Algo Updates works behind the scenes to detect changes in search engine behavior and to immediately provide you with updates.

Because our professional team monitors the activities of over 400 search engines, 24/7, we provide the most accurate and immediate information anywhere in our industry.

Other providers take days or weeks to respond to changes and they often rely on the information provided by third parties instead of conducting original research.

Search Algo Updates is the continual update to your software based upon search engine changes since your purchase. It provides constant updates for your competitor's links, anchor text used in links, visible Google PageRank, and link value calculations. In fact, it is the maintenance plan for your SEO SpyGlass software.

Search Algo Updates

Search Algo Updates automatically updates the SEO SpyGlass software on your computer to reflect every search engine algorithm change we detect. The update is seamless and you won't even notice that these important adjustments are being made.

We constantly monitor the activities of all search engines listed in our software program, including the biggies like international Google search sites, Yahoo!, and Blekko.

As the search engines' methods become more sophisticated, so does Search Algo Updates. Search engines constantly vie with each other to produce the best search results. Their advertising income dollars depend upon the quality of the search results they give. This is the reason they constantly tweak, change and improve the mathematical algorithms that produce their search results.

Google, for instance, amasses an astonishing revenue of over USD$35 billion per year, 97% of which comes from its advertising programs. Google channels huge resources into improving its search results. Google publically admits to making between 350 and 400 algorithm changes per year. That's over one per day!

Connect with Search Algo Updates

Search Algo Updates is automatically part of your SEO SpyGlass software for the first six months of your software license. You don't have to do anything to receive the SEO SpyGlass Search Algo Updates during this time.

When your free subscription nears expiration, we will send you a friendly, email reminder that it's time to renew. Just follow the link in that email to extend your Search Algo Updates subscription.

The cost for renewal is just a few dollars per day, and depends upon which SpyGlass program you purchased and the length of time you want to receive Search Algo Updates.

Search Algo Updates Pricing

SEO SpyGlass Search Algo Updates renewal pricing for the Professional version begins at just $6.95 per month for monthly billing. (You may cancel future monthly billing payments at any time.) You will realize substantial savings over the monthly pricing by extending your subscription for 6 months, 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. For instance, a 36 month subscription renewal is only $3.05 per month.

The Search Algo Updates renewal pricing for the Enterprise version begins at $19.95 for one month and has discounted pricing in increments ranging to a 36 month subscription at just $8.33 per month.

SEO SpyGlass Search Algo Updates renewal is the most cost-effect means of keeping abreast of search engine algorithm changes for backlink research and search engine optimization.