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Our SEO TOOLS give you all the information you need to become the SEO consultant for your website.

Do you wonder why other sites take the 1 to 10 spots on a Google search engine results page (SERP), while yours lags out at number 40 or 50?

SEO SpyGlass will tell you why. Instantly.

The fact is that there are 10 sites in those prime spots on a SERP - and each one has figured out how to get there.

If you want one of those positions, you have to do two things:

  • 1. You have to find out the SEO strategies the competing sites are using.
  • 2. You have to deploy the same strategies, and use them just a little bit better.


Our SEO TOOLS spy on the websites competing for your keywords. We investigate their links and give you this valuable information. Inbound links (or backlinks links) to your competitors' sites determine their Google PageRank. Their PageRank helped them claim their spots on the Google search engine results page.

This is how it works. Google sees each inbound link as a vote for a site. Some sites have more voting power than others, based on their PageRank. So, the quality of links is more important than the quantity of the links. The PageRank scale goes from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest and best.

If you watched the video, you already know how easy it is to use our SEO tools to:

  • Find your competitors' inbound links.
  • Locate the Google PageRank for each link.
  • Count the number of links by PageRank 0 to 10.
  • Calculate the value of each link.
  • See if the link is from a homepage.
  • Determine if the link is from a blog or a forum.
  • Discover which links bring the most traffic to your competitors.
  • Locate the age of each linking website.
  • Check your competition in more than 400 search engines.
  • - This is so cool! -
    Find the correct email address so you can ask for the links you want for your site.


Keywords are the backbone of search engine optimization. Keywords and keyword phrases are simply the words people type into the search box on a search engine.

Did you know that it is possible to rank a site for a given keyword even if that keyword isn't found on the webpage?

How is this possible? Anchor text.

A link to your site may use your URL, such as:

Or, the link may just use descriptive words - anchor text - such as: SEO tools.

If the anchor text contains important keywords, it sends a message to search engines that the site the link points to is a good answer for the search query. Search engines, especially Google, consider this a valuable referral to your site.

SEO SpyGlass will give you:

  • the anchor text used in links to your competitors' sites
  • the number of inbound links for each anchor text word or phrase
  • the number of times the keyword is used in page titles of webpages linking to a site


SEO SpyGlass gives you a full set of analytics tools that allow you to sort, detail and store all of the information about competing websites.


The SEO SpyGlass software comes complete with a professional, report generator. Based upon the results you found from using our SEO tools, we create an impressive, custom report that outlines a plan of action for the successful optimization of your website.

The SEO Success Blueprint Report has a branding feature that allows professional search engine optimizers to insert their logo and company information. This is one reason why so many SEO gurus own SEO SpyGlass software. Not only does our software provide the diagnostic information immediately, but it also turns that information into an itemized plan of action.

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